Who We Are

2021 Officers

President – Marisa Riordan, Oakland Zoo

The president’s duties include: facilitating meetings; helping to organize fundraisers; communicating with the national chapter; and, along with the other officers, determining the future and direction of the chapter.

Vice President – Alyssa Watt, Oakland Zoo

The vice-president’s duties include: assisting the president with his/her duties and performing those duties in absence of president; and organizing the yearly election.

Secretary – Taylor Boardman, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

The secretary’s duties include: taking notes at each meeting and sending those notes out to chapter members; keeping a list of current chapter members; and maintaining the chapter email list.

Treasurer – Sam Sammons, Oakland Zoo

The treasurer’s duties include: collecting chapter dues depositing them into the chapter bank account; keeping track of all chapter financial transactions; filling out the recharter package and sending it in to the national chapter.

Social Media Coordinator – John Beaver, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

The social media coordinator’s duties include: informing members of meetings, events, and fundraisers; overseeing all BAAAZK social media, which include: Facebook, Flickr, and the website.