AAZK Online Workshop

Join us next Tuesday for our AAZK Online Workshop at Oakland Zoo!  Free food and drinks outside of ‘Classroom I’ will start at 5pm.  The workshop will start at 6pm.  We encourage you to bring your computer so you can set up your AAZK Online account and learn to use it’s features right then and there.
AAZK Online Collaborative Learning Environment launched last year and all BAAAZK chapter members get a free one-year subscription to it (valued at $25).  AAZK Online offers select workshops from past AAZK Conferences and advanced and fundamental content for those interested in specific topics related to animal health, behavior, communication, education, husbandry, nutrition, professional growth and safety.  Its webinars include topics from browse, to creating more time in the day to train animals, to leadership.
Please post the flyer to your facilities and send it to anyone who may be interested. Thank you and see you there!
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